Damage to Your Solar System
Caused by Animals
​Under Your Solar Warranty!

(And your homeowner's insurance won't cover it either)

​Squirrels and rodents like to chew on the wires underneath your panels. And birds build nests under them causing leaves, debris and poop to pile up which is a fire hazard and also damages your roof.

You already spent 10's of thousands of dollars on your solar panels. So I can only think of THREE REASONS why you wouldn't want to protect your investment:

Number 1. It's Too Expensive.

Number 2. You Think It's Unnecessary.

Number 3. Maybe You Don't Trust My Company To Do the Work.

So let's talk about each question you may still have...

Number 1. It's Too Expensive.

Because my company ONLY installs critter guards on solar panels, we know how to bring your cost down saving you usually 20% to as much as 60% on the installation!

And we only install the HIGHEST-QUALITY materials.

The way that we install critter guard - which is heavy duty, 19-gauge steel mesh that's galvanized and coated with a thick layer of PVC to protect against corrosion, doesn't require any screws or drilling.

There is cheaper wire mesh available on Amazon. But I prefer installing heavy duty, PVC coated wire mesh that won't rust or wear out.

This high-quality mesh will provide animal protection for the useful life of your solar panels. One critter guard installation and you're done!

We bend all of the wire mesh to an exact angle using a special tool so that it looks nice on your roof. This method also makes it IMPOSSIBLE for birds and rodents to damage your solar system.

Then we fasten the wire mesh to your panels using a special clip that's made just for this purpose.

This black stainless steel clip allows for easy removal and re-attachment if your panels needed to be serviced.

This is really important because other install methods require screwing into the railing of your solar panels or they fasten the wire mesh to your panels with flimsy "j hooks."

And because we're not screwing anything into your solar panels, our critter guard installation WON'T VOID YOUR SOLAR WARRANTY.

​The entire installation is done with just a special clip, high-quality wire mesh and hog rings that are painted black to ensure a nice looking and durable install.

Number 2. You Think It's Unnecessary.

Your solar warranty and homeowner's insurance policy doesn't cover damage to your solar panels caused by birds, rodents or any other animals.

You know that solar panels, inverters and every other part of your solar system is EXPENSIVE. But the most costly part of getting your solar panels installed is the labor costs.

So if you needed to have a technician come out to inspect your solar panels because they're not producing electricity, that service call alone is going to cost you money. And if a squirrel chewed through a wire, it's going to be an expensive lesson that you don't want to learn.

​This opportunity to protect your solar panels will make sense for you financially.

Number 3. Maybe You Don't Trust My Company To Do the Work.

We've been in business for 5 going on 6 years now and have lots of happy customers...